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The Haunted House (42 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Sun 13th Jun 1999

Find the treasure, if the spooks don’t get you first.
Mirrors: UK

Urban Dragon (29 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Mon 24th Dec 2001

"A vicious criminal known as the Urban Dragon has been released back into the streets. It's clear that isn't the type of guy that goes clean, so you decide to head undercover down into the Dragon's territory to find evidence and take the Urban Dragon down... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Where is Richard? (222 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Mon 23rd Apr 2001

"You are worried about your friend Richard. It's been over a week since you have seen or talked to him. He wouldn't leave town without telling you, and he usually calls you on the phone at least once a day..."
Mirrors: UK

The Legend of Zelda: Legacy of a Princess (40 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Sun 25th Jan 2004

"A game set in the Zelda universe (or perhaps, the alternate Zelda universe). Why has the King been kidnapped? Who wants Link locked up? And what really happened to Sheik? These and other questions will be revealed as you journey through the land of Hyrul... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Last Hour (21 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Fri 13th Feb 2004

A short IF written for DavidW minicomp. Probably something unusual...# Have fun. Major bug fixed
Mirrors: UK

The Nonsense Machine 6000 (6 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Fri 27th Jul 2001

"The Nonsense Machine 6000 is here! Have up to one million random bits of nonsense and as an added bonus: export the alr file to create your own random bits of nonsense! Guaranteed to be an essential edition to any die hard Nonsense Machine fan!!! As I sa... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Shadrick's Underground Adventures (111 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Tue 31st Aug 2004

"New to the town of Willingsdale, young Hanson overhears a couple of thugs talking about hidden treasure in the tunnels below his family’s home and business. If he could find it first it would fix his parents money troubles and they would be rich. You d... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Where are my keys? v1.08 (47 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Sun 10th Oct 2004

After a drunken night in with your friend Mark, you now seem to have lost your car keys. You must now begin an epic journey to retrieve your keys so you can once again return home to your loving wife. Well, actually your mother-in-law is coming to stay ... [more]
Mirrors: UK

ADRIFT Maze (2 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Tue 2nd Mar 2004

"This is a 37 Room maze, complete with monsters that randomly move to hamper your progress. Viewed in the generator, the MAP displays the word ADRIFT. UPDATED from the Feb/March one hour comp."
Mirrors: UK

Darkness V1.2 (33 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

2.0000 out of 5
By , released Tue 14th Dec 2004

For the first time in living memory, the lighthouse on the Croxton Rock was in darkness. First on the scene, you discover an empty lighthouse and a missing crew. It is now up to you to discover the truth. [6th in InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2004]
Mirrors: UK

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