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Cursor  Adventures

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House of Horror (51 Kb)  Download
By , released Tue 26th Feb 2002

"Can you get in and out of the house alive? There's alot of valuable stuff to find! NOTE: In certain rooms, typing hide will hide you from the zombie. Type unhide to come out of hiding."
Mirrors: UK

The Night The Moon Shone Grey V1.1 (51 Kb)  Download
By , released Fri 1st Mar 2002

"You are an adventurer, sword for hire... what trouble could be lurking in the settlement of Moonlight Row Village?# This version has more fixed bugs than you can shake a stake at. Enjoy!# Download this and delete the old version if you've played V1.0!"
Mirrors: UK

The Timmy Reid Adventure (269 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 27th Dec 2000

The Timmy Reid Adventure follows the journey of two boys who are caught in a warp and dropped into another world. You must figure out how to get the boys back home and close the warp. (Ori... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Selma’s Will (20 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 1st Apr 2002

" After all the nightmares and strange happenings over the past few weeks, you head out to your late, Great Aunt Selma’s house, to search for her missing Will. If it is not found by the end of the day, Aunt Selma’s house will be auctioned off to the highe... [more]
Mirrors: UK

YADFA - Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure (79 Kb)  Download
By , released Thu 25th Apr 2002

"YOU, the hero of the story, play the part of a farmboy in love with a beautiful Princess (yes, it really is that corny!) who has, unfortunately, just been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Can you rescue her from his clutches and make her your own? Can you ... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Sleaze City (29 Kb)  Download
By , released Fri 26th Apr 2002

"Welcome to Sleaze City, well it's not really called Sleaze City, but it is a dank hellhole like the name implies. You're one of the city's residents, a unemployed slob that stays at home all day and watches TV on his puke green couch. Then, on one partic... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble? (115 Kb)  Download
By , released Fri 10th May 2002

"Every year, you are paid a visit (whether you want it or not) by the black sheep of the family - Uncle Grumble. Only this year he's late.##Is he dead? Has he been kidnapped? Did he take a wrong turning and end up in a completely different adventure somew... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Edge of the Abyss (7 Kb)  Download
By , released Sat 18th May 2002

"It just seemed a shame that the only literature for TAG was Campbell’s own game.# # So journey to Abyssville, where time and space are out of synch, and look for a miracle.##NOTE: Runs on TAG (see elsewhere on this page) NOT Adrift!# "
Mirrors: UK

The Lost Mines (36 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 3rd Jun 2002

"In the 1920's, an ancient mine is discovered close to your hometown. Deciding that the gold hidden somewhere inside could be yours, you set off on a journey to become the richest man in town."
Mirrors: UK

Melbourne Beach (392 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 18th Apr 2001

"This is my first game, which was essentially a tour of my house. It seemed easier to write something that was familiar, thus my home. In this game you wake up in the guest room. You will meet me and the other residents of my house. You can go swimming in... [more]
Mirrors: UK

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