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The Woodfish Compendium (47 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 2nd May 2004

"A collection of all Woodfish's small games. This zipped package contains Forum, Forum 2, The Game to End All Games, Topaz, Saffire, and Imagidroids. There is a walkthrough for each, and hopefully the bugs have been fixed. Visit for mor... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Shards Of Memory (116 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 2nd May 2004

You awaken with no memory of who you are or where you are yet slowly but surely your story will unfold. An ancient evil has returned to the world and only YOU have the power to stand in its way... [winner of the ADRIFT Spring Comp 2004] [genre: dark fanta... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves (27 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 29th Aug 2004

"Can YOU solve the mystery of the Darkhaven Caves, a devious labyrinth of monsters, mayhem and a sword-pinching dwarf. [3rd place in the Adrift Summer Comp 2004] [genre: cave crawl]"
Mirrors: UK

Choose Your Own... [version 2] (54 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 29th Aug 2004

"Following an unexpected delay in the mountain village of Globrieska, you find yourself in a life or death struggle with a power-crazed madman named von Lastmere. An interactive fiction style gamebook. [Joint first place in the Adrift Summer Comp 2004] [g... [more]
Mirrors: UK

House of Death (18 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 11th Feb 2001

"You are a secret agent, on a mission to break some drug ring, or something boring like that. Fortunately, the author of this story had pity on the players..."
Mirrors: UK

The Cell (20 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 25th Jun 2001

"This is a game about a man who wakes up in a strange room. He does not remember anything about his past. Strange things start to happen to him, and he finds out that many people are trying to kill him. Soon he learns that it is up to him to try and sa... [more]
Mirrors: UK

ThreeSmallGames (67 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 28th Nov 2004

This is a pack of three small games: "The Old Church", "Portrait" and "Sigurd Fafnesbane".
Mirrors: UK

Matt's House (33 Kb)  Download
By , released Tue 3rd Jul 2001

"You can explore my house and play games, watch TV, cook food, make phone calls, check email, read the newspaper, and even play with my cat. If you would like the password so you can see how I made the game, email me at"
Mirrors: UK

The Quest for More Hair or AMU Part 1: The Smugglers (48 Kb)  Download
By , released Tue 21st Aug 2001

"You play liquid, the standard brave, bald fearless adventurer. One morning, getting out of bed, you discover you are bored and need to go on a quest. A quest for more hair! (revised edition)"
Mirrors: UK

Lost (92 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 11th Mar 2001

"You've driven out to Lakeshore Park. In the twilight the wooded hills look flat and unreal. A fitting end to the day, considering the circumstances. You are doing your best not to consider the circumstances..."
Mirrors: UK

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