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Cursor  Adventures

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The Sorcerer (revised) (41 Kb)  Download
By , released Thu 26th Jul 2001

"You are Flame Achron, a novice sorcerer of the land of Fonador. You have always been very loyal to your land, but there is a great evil among. Fonador is in a war with Jonador, the land across the sea. Your only hope for peace is the Staff of Kings, but ... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Akron (22 Kb)  Download
By , released Thu 3rd Aug 2000

Your eyes flutter open. What happened? Jumbled memories bounce through your mind. A swank nightclub...
Mirrors: UK

A Day at the Puzzle House (64 Kb)  Download
By , released Sat 4th Aug 2001

"This is my first text adventure with ADRIFT. I made it a model of my family's house, with some household tasks to complete as puzzles. It's intended to be long on mechanics (hopefully not much ""guess the verb"") and admittedly short on plot, so please... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Captive Universe (73 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 21st Mar 2001

"The last few days have been very hectic, ending with your imprisonment. The tribal elders chose you to be the next sacrifice, and your life will end at dawn tomorrow..."
Mirrors: UK

The Monster in the Mirror (18 Kb)  Download
By , released Thu 6th Sep 2001

"The last thing you remember was getting a glass of water before bed. The next thing you know, you find yourself in a tall grassy field in the middle of nowhere. "
Mirrors: UK

The Cleft in the Rock (12 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 12th Sep 2001

"In homage to ADVENT, Zork and so on. You may find some familiar items here in different circumstances."
Mirrors: UK

Office Breakout (8 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 24th Sep 2001

Pepsi. Explosions. Holepunchers. Random Acts of Violence. ##All this and more in Office Breakout.
Mirrors: UK

Report Espionage (41 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 26th Sep 2001

You play a disobedient student who is determined to prevent his school report from ever being completed. Original idea inspired by Skooldaze for the ZX Spectrum
Mirrors: UK

The Passages (84 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 26th Feb 2003

"This is a re-release demo of Grand Journey, in 3.9. This demo is everything I had completed before moving up into the realm of Version 4.0. ----------------------- The East Passage. The West Passage. The Outer World. Very few have p... [more]
Mirrors: UK

And Then The Weird Stuff Started... (27 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 17th Nov 2003

"This is the collaborative project as it stood when I emailed it to Woodfish in September. There are likely to have been changes made since then, but if it turns out that these no longer exist, treat this as the latest version."
Mirrors: UK

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