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Amnesia Kid (10 Kb)  Download
By , released Fri 9th Apr 2004

"All you were going to do was go shopping with your mom. But no, you had one of your amnesia attacks and forgot where your house is. All you want to do is go home, but along the way you end up being a model citizen, experiencing magic stuff, running erran... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Wizards Playground (19 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 9th Feb 2005

Please let me know what you think. If I get good reviews I might turn it into a larger game.
Mirrors: UK

Private Eye (482 Kb) Gold  Download
By , released Sun 1st May 2005

Millionaire oil tycoon Marcus Kavallon has been kidnapped and only you, Lep R. Chimner, private eye extraordinaire, can save him. Well, you and your ever inefficient sidekick, Jim, that is. [Genre: Comedy/Detective/Gamebook] [Joint winner of the Adrift Sp... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Second Chance (260 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 2nd May 2005

It begins on the day you die, crushed beneath the wheels of a speeding lorry, and then an enigmatic stranger gives you the opportunity to set things right. You are given a second chance.
Mirrors: UK

marmalade Skies (16 Kb)  Download
By , released Tue 7th Jun 2005

You wake up after a deep freeze to find that small escape pod you are in has landed. You suffer from memory loss, but that will have to wait, survival comes first.
Mirrors: UK

Mortality [version 2] (397 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 20th Nov 2005

Some people kill for love, some for money - Steven Rogers did it for both. But what happens when the person you killed comes back looking for revenge?
Mirrors: UK

Showtime at the Gallows (38 Kb)  Download
By , released Sun 5th Mar 2006

When faced by the Devil, what does one do? (Warning: subject matter may offend some)
Mirrors: UK

For Love Of Digby (49 Kb)  Download
By , released Tue 4th Apr 2006

A calamity has arisen: your remote is broken and you’re just six hours away from the 18th repeat of "Digby, The World’s Biggest Dog"! Somehow, you’ve got to get your remote working again in time for this televisual treat, but all without leaving the comfo... [more]
Mirrors: UK

S.E.R.E. small version (26 Kb)  Download
By , released Tue 27th Jun 2006

This is the same game as the previous S.E.R.E., but without sound. It doesn’t really detract from the game but the file size (and download time)has been decreased dramatically.
Mirrors: UK

Spooked 1 & 2 (28 Kb)  Download
By , released Fri 21st Jul 2006

Ben is just your average scientist...until something extraordinary happens that changes his life forever! These two episodes chronicle his adventure so far. (genre: horror/parody)
Mirrors: UK

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