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Skybreak v 1.2 (1.33 Mb)  Play Online Download
skybreak 1.2.taf
skybreak 1.2.taf
By , released Fri 18th Sep 2020

Skybreak! is a science-fantasy role-playing game of galactic proportions: explore distant stars, plunder alien ruins, hunt space pirates, collect beetles, slay gods, make out with sorcerers, and punch cosmic evil in its flabby, betentacled face!

... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Return To Castle Coris (349 Kb)  Play Online Download
RTCC v2.blorb
RTCC v2.blorb
By , released Sat 3rd Oct 2020

The intrepid Duke has returned to Castle Coris, where he thwarted the Xixon sorcerer Zalazar's plan to destroy the world with a horde of demons from Hell (See THE SPECTRE OF CASTLE CORI... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Alien Diver v15 (86 Kb)  Play Online Download
By , released Sun 4th Oct 2020

On a scouting mission in a far flung solar system, your ship malfunctioned at the worse time and eventually crashed into an alien ocean. Your crashed ship now lies on the bottom of an alien ocean. It needs repairs, and scans have shown a certain raw mater... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Axe of Kolt (881 Kb)  Play Online Download
AoK v.10.blorb
AoK v.10.blorb
By , released Wed 14th Oct 2020

You are a penniless ex-mercenary soldier, reduced to wandering the land and doing odd-jobs in return for food and a place to sleep. You have just left the town of Greenwych and you have ... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Just a Fairy Tale (1.92 Mb)  Play Online Download
Just another Fairy Tale.blorb
Just another Fairy Tale.blorb
By , released Sat 31st Oct 2020

Version 3.
Player could get into a situation where s/he would miss a vital clue. This has now been corrected.

Little did you know that when you went to bed that night, and your mom had kissed you good night and left you room, that you would ... [more]
Mirrors: UK

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