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Cursor  Bugs & Enhancements

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Summary Priority Status Votes
UNDO fail to handle events correctly after game end Critical New 2
Packaging generates anti-virus false positive Critical Open 4
Spaces are stripped in some expression when inside an IF statement High New 3
Event & Walk combo - fail to undo properly Low Open 4
Walk & Undo - Undo break walks tasks #2 Medium Open 5
Walk & Undo - Undo breaks walk tasks Medium Open 5
UNDO does not undo POV change High Open 3
Add new system option - Execute when exiting a room Low Open 2
inappropriate error message display when trying to take an object that is held by another character Low Open 2
Allow relative path for images in task descriptions Low Open 1
Exiting a container object fails Medium Open 2
Add new function IsPartofCharacter Low Open 4

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