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The House Husband
2 out of 5 (1 review)  

Cursor  Details
Genre: Fiction 
Language: Unknown 
IFID: ADRIFT-400-3EBE219941D4C7AD8F812AF43AAC374D 
Category: Complete adventure 
Forgiveness rating: Merciful 
Total Downloads: 100 
Online Plays: 1 
File Size: 24 Kb 
Version: Unknown
Cursor  Competitions
InsideADRIFT Spring Competition 2005 - 4th Place

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
  Not much of a game here, Fri 15th Nov 2013
By Hordriss - See all my reviews

The idea behind this is your character, Jared, wakes up on the morning that his wife, Marta, is due to return from a business trip. The problem is, the house is in a terrible mess and Jared has no recollection of the last few days.

So, it's your job to tidy up the house so Marta won't throw you out on your ear when she returns.

Truthfully, the game isn't a whole lot of fun. There is some frustrating guess the verb and at times it's difficult to find the correct command for the required tasks, and some of the required actions to complete the game are a little obscure. This led to plenty of frustration.

On the plus side, the writing itself is well done, with a subtle humourous overtone. The descriptions are given a nice amount of detail to the point I could actually picture the house in my mind as I was playing. And so you don't get completely stuck, there is a walkthrough built in to the game. I did notice a couple of typos, but nothing major.

2/5 - Whilst I can't recommend it as a gaming experience, the writing is nicely done and this does make it worth a download. Just don't expect a fun game.

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