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Cursor  Member Reviews - S.E.R.E.>>>Survive-Evade-Resist-Escape<<<

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  Awful, Fri 19th Aug 2011
By David Whyld - See all my reviews

A new ADRIFT game and a new author to boot. Quite a rarity these days. So is SERE - Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape any good? Unfortunately notů

You play the part of a soldier in some unspecified war zone whose helicopter crashes, everyone else dies and you are the only survivor. You have to get back to friendly territory and evade capture for as long as you can.

The intro is poorly written, riddled with more than a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. YOUR LEANING ON YOUR MACHINE GUN SCANNING, OUT THE WINDOW FOR ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Maybe it's just me, but every time I find a typo of any kind in the introduction to a game, I wince. By the time I'd finished the intro to this game, I was pretty much permanently wincing. Frequent misspellings of "you're" as "your" are rife throughout the game. It also suffers from some pretty frustrating guess the verb problems, some of which are made harder by typos in the text that lead you to try one thing when another is expected. Examine the equipment in the crashed helicopter and you're told you can see your tool box (note the space between the words!) Yet every attempt to OPEN TOOL BOX or EXAMINE TOOL BOX met with YOU SEE NO SUCH THING. It seems you have to refer to it as "toolbox" (all one word) for the game to understand what you mean. It doesn't understand box unfortunately.

The player starts with a loaded pistol which, for some reason which probably seemed like a good idea at the time, I decided to remove the magazine from. Later on, I came across an enemy soldier who I tried to shoot so I put the magazine back in the pistol, only to be told by the game that the pistol wasn't loaded. Oh yes, it was. The debugger even confirmed this to me but no matter what I typed, I couldn't seem to get the game to accept this. In the end, I had to restart the game to make any further progress. As it happens, the command LOAD PISTOL was bugged anyway as every time I tried it, ADRIFT assumed I meant to 'load' a new game and didn't process the command. Funnily enough, LOAD FLARE worked fine for the pen flare, even though you can fire it at the end of the game whether you've loaded it or not.

You can die very easily in this game if you're not careful, and sometimes even if you are. A few times the game assumes you're trying to carry out a command that you might not be, executes that command, and as a result kills you off. I found a truck and tried to examine it. The game apparently decided that by EXAMINE TRUCK I actually meant to APPROACH TRUCK so it helpfully carried out that action for me and then promptly had me shot dead. You can also die at other times when you're given a kind of CYOA choice of do this, do that or the other. Pick the wrong one - and there's no way of knowing beforehand which is right and which is wrong - and you die.

My final annoyance with the game (although there are many others that I haven't mentioned in this review) involved an item showing up only after a certain point in the game. Examine something when you first come across it and you see no indication of an item being there, examine it later and, lo and behold, the item has shown up, although there's no explanation for why it's there now but wasn't before. (Oh, and for my definite final annoyance with the game, USE PLIERS ON IGNITION is a nasty bit of guess the verb.)

SERE - Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape is a short-ish game, ten or so minutes from start to finish if you can figure your way past the guess the verb problems and general getting killed every few moves. It's not the worst game by a newbie I've ever played (Death Agency still holds that record by quite a margin), but it's in definite need of being run through a spell and grammar check, as well as some serious testing. Even if you're a fan of war games, and I can't say I am, this one probably won't hold a lot of appeal for you.

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