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Cursor  Member Reviews - Cell (part I)

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Thu 18th Aug 2011
By Campbell - See all my reviews

I feel this game could be quite good. As it stands, it was untitled and had a few spelling mistakes.

The descriptions themselves were very atmospheric and quite well written. What did put me off somewhat was the constant swearing. Perhaps a warning at the start that it contains language might be a good idea?

Anyway, it didn't hold my interest enough to keep me hooked for more than a few minutes.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Intense., Tue 17th Jun 2008
By Anonymous - See all my reviews

From your meager description, I wasn’t expecting anything very memorable. Pardon me for being wrong! XD

The introduction statements were interesting- being partially a narrative helped instantly set the mood for the whole game. Very nice use of "personality" to make the player understand what the main character was going through.

I also enjoyed your extremely talent of transforming realistic locations and situations into text. Even the "event" scenes were creatively programmed; The urgency you put in each part was outstanding!

The explanation for Genevive was a bit overboard, I thought, but I can understand the player character reacting that way, given his condition. Her role and actions were surprisingly well coordinated- I wanted to make a significant note of her in this review.

Although I found multiple parts of the setting overly reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid, the entire theme and execution is wonderful. You are quite gifted with writing skill; the way you handled action stood out quite prominently.

- Slight spoilers past this point! -
A favorite part of mine was the subtlety of the "hiding" sequence. When she first screamed at me, I didn’t know how to respond, and lost. After retrying several times (I tried hiding behind her, under the table, behind the corpse.. kind of laughable now that I think of it ^__^;; ), I noticed the lockers being listed in the room’s description. They were cleverly shown as all being locked except for one, giving the player the choice to hide inside.

The only negative I could find in this adventure was its length. I was already hooked and wanting more after the very first room; I can say I’ll be looking forward to the sequels (if you are still developing them).

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