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Achtung Panzer!  Play Online
Not yet rated (0 reviews)  
APz v.3.blorb
APz v.3.blorb

You are the driver of a Panzer Mk.III in the North African desert in 1942.

Your tank is hit by armour-piercing shells and the rest of your crew are all killed. You are unfamiliar with the layout of the tank and must find a way out before the tank blows up.

If you manage to get out in time, you must then make your way back to your own lines.


  • This version has been optimized to play on MacOS and Linux machines using FrankenDrift.

  • The blorb can be played on Android devices using Fabularium.

  • Cursor  Details
    Genre: Historical 
    Language: Unknown 
    IFID: ADRIFT-500-2B6E-AB76-4F07-916D-778C1C2B39C9 
    Category: Competition Entrants 
    Forgiveness rating: Tough 
    Total Downloads: 29 
    Online Plays: 37 
    File Size: 118 Kb 
    Version: 3

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