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Cursor  Export List as module - UPDATED

Issue Type: Status: Priority: Date Submitted: Votes:
Enhancement Completed High Tue 1st Jun 2010 9 votes Vote Up Vote Down
Found in version: Last Updated: Completed in version: Date Completed: Track Changes:
5.0.10 Fri 26th Jun 2015 5.0.34 Wed 18th Nov 2015 Log In
adriftsteTue 1st Jun 2010 14:54
As lists can contain a mixture of tasks, events, objects etc. It would be useful if there was an export list as module option.

My reasoning is: If I have created a particular feature in an adventure, it would be great to ba able to export just that chunk of information as a self contained module.

UPDATED 08/09/11
With talk on the forum about demos and modules:
This is becoming more relevent.
saabieSat 10th Dec 2011 09:00
The name of the folder could be prepended to each key so that the module can be easily imported into other taf files without conflicts.

Sub-folders of the exported folder would need to be included so we can organise our libraries into sections.

This module should be directly useable as a "Library", and should not contain any part of the standard library, map etc.

As the items in the folder will certainly reference the standard library, and possibly other library modules, the exported file should contain a "Requires" xml section that lists the name (and minimum version number) of every other library that it references.

If you import the module or add it to your library list, ADRIFT should check that all of the required libraries are available and each are either the requested version or a later version.
If not then it should give the error message "This module requires library x version y"

As these libraries may be updated more often than the ADRIFT version they will need a separate version number.
Perhaps a "LibraryVersion" integer variable in the exported folder which is automatically incremented whenever that folder is exported.
CampbellFri 26th Jun 2015 17:11
It's now possible to export any folder (which will include any subfolders) as a module. The key change and module requires isn't trivial so I haven't implemented that yet.
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