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Top Hat (13 Kb)  Download Read Reviews

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Thu 24th Sep 2009

The Bossís show isnít going so hot, but thatís okay because Boss has me. Iím the elf inside the magic hat! Can I help the Boss put on an awesome show, or am I doomed to scrub tomatoes off the stage?

A short IF, 3 possible endings.
Mirrors: UK

Give Me your Lunch Money 2010 (14.13 Mb)  Download Read Reviews

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Sun 4th Jul 2010

Give Me your Lunch Money is back, now bug-free and full-featured with an original soundtrack by W Ryder Timberlake/Spiral Cheese Horizon.

GMYLM is a tale of the exploits of an 8 year old inventor. A game for the whole family!

Check ou... [more]
Mirrors: UK

the virtual human (4.29 Mb)  Download Read Reviews

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Sat 21st May 2011

In this game, the user participates in the textual formation of a virtual human. By filling in strings of text under simple constraints, the user can create any number of possible humans from the absurd to the serious or even the abstract whom they might... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Jacaranda Jim (94 Kb)  Play Online Download Read Reviews
5.0000 out of 5
By , released Sat 9th Jul 2011

Following an attack on his cargo-ship by an army of homicidal beechwood armchairs Jacaranda Jim is forced to crashland on the strange world of Ibberspleen IV. Rescued from the burning wreckage by the mysteriously smug Alan the Gribbley, Jim has to do batt... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Steve Van Helsing: Process Server (10 Kb) Bronze  Download Read Reviews

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Fri 14th Oct 2011

Mirrors: UK

Mangiasaur (28 Kb) Gold  Download Read Reviews

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Sat 15th Oct 2011

Mirrors: UK

The Spectre of Castle Coris (514 Kb)  Play Online Download Read Reviews
SoCC v.6.blorb
SoCC v.6.blorb

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Fri 20th Nov 2015

Having been created a duke and given lands by the grateful King Kelson as a reward for finding the lost "Axe of Kolt", you are touring the towns and villages of your new demesne when you... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Die Feuerfaust (555 Kb)  Play Online Download Read Reviews
DFF v.3.blorb
DFF v.3.blorb

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Wed 18th May 2016

You are Alaric Blackmoon, Duke of the Duchy of Charlton in the kingdom of Hecate. The stories of your exploits in finding the lost "Axe of Kolt" and solving the mystery of "The Spectre o... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Lost Children (293 Kb)  Play Online Download Read Reviews
TLC v.2.blorb
TLC v.2.blorb

5.0000 out of 5
By , released Sat 12th Nov 2016

You are Duke Alaric Blackmoon and since your return from the Marienburg Fortress (see "The Fortress of Fear"), you have settled down to a more peaceful life as Duke of the duchy of Charl... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Ghost Town (29.26 Mb)  Download Read Reviews

4.5000 out of 5
By , released Wed 22nd Apr 2009

The premise of Ghost Town is to fulfill the final wishes of your Great Grandfather and inherit his entire estate and visit the abandoned gold mining town of Battle Creek.
It sounds like a simple task, until you begin to unravel the unsolved mystery o... [more]
Mirrors: UK

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