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Cursor  Bugs & Enhancements

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Summary Priority Status Votes
%text% reference doesn't work within conversations Medium Upcoming Release 1
Font tag isn't inheriting properly Low Upcoming Release 1
Font changes after non-standard quote character Medium Open 2
Embed fonts in blorb Medium Open 4
me and myself when switching characters Low Open 3
Concatenating lists High Open 4
Support unicode Low Open 2
Warning for extra carriage returns Low Open 2
Hide restrictions following a Display Once tab Medium Open 1
Allow System task to have references Medium Open 4
Specific task references Low Open 1
PopUpInput/PopUpChoice should be expression functions Low Open 2
Integer vs Number Low Open 7
Search for item types Medium Open 2
Add support for OGG file format Medium Open 1
Switching conversations Low Open 2
Out of reach objects High Open 4
Runner notes Low Open 2
Lasso should select anchors Low Open 1
Property/Expression restrictions not editable in Simple Mode Medium Open 2
Variable Restrictions Medium Open 4
Alt-A and Alt-R in tasks Low Open 1
Improve pronoun grabbing Medium Open 1
Mark objects/characters as seen/unseen Medium Open 1
Improve performance Critical Open 2

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