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Cursor  Loop Number- allow use to use a variable instead of number

Issue Type: Status: Priority: Date Submitted: Votes:
Enhancement New Medium Fri 14th Feb 2020 1 vote Vote Up Vote Down
Found in version: Last Updated: Completed in version: Date Completed: Track Changes: Fri 14th Feb 2020 Log In
DazaKiwiFri 14th Feb 2020 03:00
Currently you only can enter digits to define a loop. It would be very handy to be able to use a variable as well.
eg: For 0 to %MaxLoop%

This would be handy for having a system where you are reading different arrays of different sizes to how many tasks that you want to run that checks things where the variable would work like a regulator.

As it is now, we could have to copy the loop task for each variation we want to use it for and the correct restriction picking the right task to loop a task X times.
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