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Cursor  Text Variables in actions

Issue Type: Status: Priority: Date Submitted: Votes:
Bug New Medium Wed 11th Nov 2020 1 vote Vote Up Vote Down
Found in version: Last Updated: Completed in version: Date Completed: Track Changes: Fri 20th Nov 2020 Log In
RacingDogWed 11th Nov 2020 13:24
I was trying the following scheme

1. Set a flag to false
2. Set flag true when some event happened
3. Use flag as a Restriction

I decided to use text strings to be more readable.

This led to s series of problems.

1. The OK button for entering a value in a Restriction would only enable if the string started with a ". This did not happen in the other input boxes.
2. If that is really wanted then a check for a terminating " is also needed.
3. I could find no combination of using or not using "s, including ", that would allow the scheme to work. Obviously, using "s throughout wss the first try.

The work around is to just use integers.
RacingDogWed 11th Nov 2020 13:26
Doh! After the word including, the " should be the HTML alternative.
RacingDogWed 11th Nov 2020 18:00
Update. I seem to have conflated two things. Item 3 can be ignored. I was seeing a difficulty). If I invent a new general task that has no arguments, such as a magic word, then I haven't found a way to get overrides activated, despite unique restrictions, for example, the word being valid in two locations but with different effects, for example that old chestnut XYZZY. seen that done in other Adrift games, but I haven't figured it yet. Anyone have time to PM me?
RacingDogWed 11th Nov 2020 21:23
Doh! I got the impression that I had to have a general task and then I HAD to have specific tasks to handle variations. Now, by trial and error, I find that is just not true. I can have muliple versions of general tasks! Maybe I just never read that bit?
RacingDogSat 14th Nov 2020 21:42
Or it could be something to to with how restrictions are evaluated as testing for a string seems to work in General tasks but not Specific or System.
RacingDogFri 20th Nov 2020 13:40
Or it could be to do with me misunderstanding "override a task"! I took that too literally! I presumed that meant total replacement, whereas it actually means just the replacement of the actions part, not the restrictions, hence I had restrictions in the override which were mutually exclusive with the general. Doh!

The original points 1 & 2 do not relate to any of this,
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