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Choose your own adventure Library - Replacement for StandardLibrary for CYOA
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ADRIFT 5. When writing a menu-driven "Choose your own adventure" type of game with ADRIFT, you do not want the player to be able to use any of the standard commands from the standard library.
This library contains only the essential parts of the standard library required for ADRIFT to function.

To install it, go to the libraries tab of the developer settings and click "Add new library" to open it.
Tick the box next to it and un-tick the standard library.
Click OK and create a new game.

Don't forget to switch back to the standard library before creating a new non-CYOA ADRIFT game.

Cursor  Details
Genre: Other 
Language: Unknown 
IFID: DB09D40B10C1A38EEB068E583841326B 
Category: Module 
Forgiveness rating: Merciful 
Total Downloads: 202 
File Size: 11 Kb 
Version: 1

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