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Cursor  New mandatory property does not update items immediately

Issue Type: Status: Priority: Date Submitted: Votes:
Bug Completed High Tue 5th Nov 2013 7 votes Vote Up Vote Down
Found in version: Last Updated: Completed in version: Date Completed: Track Changes: Sun 15th Apr 2018 5.0.36 Sun 15th Apr 2018 Log In
saabieTue 5th Nov 2013 02:39
If you make a property mandatory then all of the items it applies to should have this property selected.
But if you now try to set the property in an action for a specific item (including the player character for character properties) then the property does not appear in the drop-down list.
You can set it for a referenced character, but when you test it in runner it wont work.

To make it work properly you need to open and re-save every single [character/object] in the game.

Rated high priority because it can be very confusing for anyone who doesn't know what the problem is.
ElliotMTue 15th Dec 2015 23:08
I can confirm that this is still the case in Simply opening and clicking ok to close is enough to 'update' a location, but for larger games this can be rather tedious, and can be seen as counter intuitive regardless.

This other report might be a symptom of the same issue:
DazaKiwiFri 8th Apr 2016 12:57
I was about to post a similar suggestion. Every new property created, it seems nothing gets updated object/characters and you have to manually do this for each . This would be a nightmare for large projects. Not sure if this would be a problem also when you import a module that has new properties?? Something to be tested when this gets fixed which i hope this will be in the next update :) as its quite a big issue if you cannot add new properties to a game late in the project due to the sheer number of objects/characters etc.

Also this is a problem when deleting properties too- you have to manually update all entities depending if character or object so Dev and Runner doesn't throw a 'property x is missing' error when loading a game or testing it.
CampbellSun 15th Apr 2018 18:57
Mandatory properties now get added to all items the property belongs to.

Deleted properties now get removed from the items.

Additionally, prior to deleting properties, the items containing that property are now listed.
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