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Cursor  Parameter Glitch

Issue Type: Status: Priority: Date Submitted: Votes:
Bug New Low Mon 1st Nov 2021 1 vote Vote Up Vote Down
Found in version: Last Updated: Completed in version: Date Completed: Track Changes: Mon 1st Nov 2021 Log In
DazaKiwiMon 1st Nov 2021 03:18
I am creating a game to use objects as dice and naming them as 1D4, 1D6 etc. It has some properties.

I found if i param these objects to apply a ID number to each one and output for player to choose it would output the expression instead eg 1D4.diceID) 1D4.Name(None) <-- exactly like that when its suppose to be 1) 1D4

Eventually from trial and error I worked out you can just use %object% as it will display the key (if no prefix keys are used) to display it, so it will show 1D4.

Have no clue why this happens.
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