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Listen For Monsters
4 out of 5 (1 review)  

This is a demo game to show how you can listen for 3 wandering monsters.

Type "listen" in the cavern where you begin and it will tell you what you hear and in what direction. (The map is 3x3. The monsters wander around the outer rooms but never come into the middle room.)

The demo uses dynamic objects that are invisble to the player (the "Do NOT list object in room descriptions" box in the "Advanced" tab has been ticked). When "listen" is typed tasks check to see if the invisible dynamic objects are ’visible’ to the monster to determine what room it is in. (Although the invisible dynamic objects won’t be listed in the room descriptions and not seen by the player they can still be ’seen’ by the game-controlled monsters.)

The "get/take/pick up all" command should be disabled so that the player does not accidentally get the invisible dynamic object too. This disabled function could be limited to just the rooms with the invisible dynamic objects but I think having it work in some rooms and not in others may confuse the player. (This demo hasn’t disabled it though due to limited tasks in my unregistered version.)

Cursor  Details
Genre: Fiction 
Language: Unknown 
IFID: Unknown 
Category: Demo/Incomplete adventure 
Forgiveness rating: Unknown 
Total Downloads: 79 
File Size: 2 Kb 
Version: Unknown

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  Thu 31st Jan 2008
By Dr. Orange - See all my reviews

This demo was interesting, but without Adrift being able to determine spatial relationships, implementing a listen task for everything that makes noise and moves, for each room its capable of going into, is a bit too much work. Excellent idea though, of the six senses, sound is one the more underimplementated ones.

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