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Symphonica 64 - A comedy text adventure in 8-bits Play Online
Not yet rated (0 reviews)  

Cover A fanciful and zany journey into the 8-bit retro world. A world populated by Dragon 32s, Dizzys, old sound chips, Dragon's Lairs, suspicious plumbers and Manic mines. Collect the musical scores and take them to the Symphonica Amphitheatre. First person to finish wins/won a prize on the Back in Time Symphonic Collection Kickstarter at

Cursor  Details
Genre: Comedy 
Language: Unknown 
IFID: ADRIFT-500-3BF2-4721-4C38-907C-8594B090F5F4 
Category: Complete adventure 
Forgiveness rating: Merciful 
Total Downloads: 74 
Online Plays: 485 
File Size: 13.05 Mb 
Version: 32

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