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Penrhyn - Burning Skies #GameJam420 - Adventure GameJam Entry April 2020 Play Online
2 out of 5 (1 review)  
Penrhyn_The Burning Sky_v2.blorb
Penrhyn_The Burning Sky_v2.blorb

This game is a GameJam entry for 18th-20th April GameJam themed 'Escape'.

Set in a fictional steampunk world where cities have large special glass domes to protect them from the scorching sunlight. Everything appears normal but not every machine runs perfectly nor can last. A plot is a foot, hidden in the smog, in the darkness.

Note: There is quite a bit of game and story here, it was to be a slow burner to a cliff-hanging ending i had in mind but simply ran out of time. But I do plan on continuing on with this game post-jam if players did enjoy it. I plan to add more player freedom, side stories, npcs, locations etc. As this was a 3 day build, with a week of writing prep beforehand, the game will feel linear and less player agency available.

Cursor  Details
Genre: Science Fiction 
Language: Unknown 
IFID: ADRIFT-500-DDE4-344B-4C60-B734-19278AA895F6 
Category: Demo/Incomplete adventure 
Forgiveness rating: Merciful 
Total Downloads: 15 
Online Plays: 16 
File Size: 2.64 Mb 
Version: 2

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  cool setting, but the writing needs work, Tue 5th May 2020
By The0didactus - See all my reviews

This game has a really interesting setting that I would love to see more of: a neat steampunk/fantasy setting, a murder, a cute little clockwork owl that follows me around everywhere. This is EXACTLY the sort of world that I'd like to play a character in.

The trouble is that there are several jarring writing issues that break suspension of disbelief. The writing oscillates between the 2nd person ("You look up and see") and the 3rd person ("Ralph's face is greeted...") it also alternates tenses (so sometimes it's in the present tense "You move west", but other times it's in the past tense, "she said")

Also, several important elements are introduced without appropriate in my first choice as a character, a lady asks me if I "wouldn't mind..." and I have two options, "say I will" and "say I won't"...but at no point am I told what she wants me to do (turns out its "feed the ducks"...of course I'll do that!)

I'd definitely play another game in this setting, just ideally one that would flow more naturally.

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