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Cursor  Member Reviews - paradise hotel

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  An old game re-released, Fri 12th Jan 2018
By P/o Prune - See all my reviews

Just realized that this game was first released in 2006 by Blue Meanie. (just goes to show how often I play AIF :-) )

Paradise hotel is pretty well written. The room descriptions are to the point and most objects can be examined. There are a few confusing points but nothing that really spoils the game.
The sex scenes are good but mainly consists of the "usual" things to do, so don't get kinky ;-)
The game could have used some sononyms, I got a little frustrated at times when I ran into a "guess the verb" situation. So to be on the safe side I suggest that you type exactly what is mentioned in the description. For instance, Ann wears cut-offs not shorts etc.
I decided on three stars but I must say that there are some room for improvement.

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