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Cursor  Member Reviews - The Adventures of Postman Matt (and his black and white cat)

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
  Postman Poin--Matt. I mean Matt. Postman Matt., Fri 2nd Feb 2018
By Lumin - See all my reviews

David spontaneously wrote this for a writing prompt thread that listed a location and some objects. And for points. He spontaneously wrote it for points. Because points are beautiful and good. (Some may suggest that points may also explain certain recent uncharacteristic actions of Po. Prune and myself...but that is just baseless speculation!)

The uploading of Postman Matt also gives David the honor of making the first official game of 2018, and happily, it's a fun one even if a bit tiny. You play a postman trying to make a difficult delivery. It's a one room affair that technically can be won in three moves, but it's well worth taking your time and poking around. The game is responsive and packed full of humor.

And now, about the cat. At first I felt that cats may be among the more questionable postmen companions in the animal world, but then I realized that they would have enormous practical use in deflecting the attention of territorial dogs. MY IMMERSION restored!

Seriously I have no idea what inspired David to include the cat, but it was a stroke of genius. Tess is adorable and silly and fun and I spent most of my time just waiting around for her to do new things.

A cute and fun game and well worth the staggering 7kb download. Written in v4 but as far as I could tell it works fine in the v5 runner too.

I never have any idea how to rate mini games with only five starts to choose from, but 4 it is because Po already did that and I'm not feeling very original!

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Fun little game, Wed 9th May 2018
By jimtun - See all my reviews

As with all Davids games this is full of humour.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  A game worth playing, Thu 1st Feb 2018
By P/o Prune - See all my reviews

This little beauty was originally written for Lumin’s Writing Prompt. (If you don’t know Lumin, I can tell you that she’s the one that every once in a while pop up in the Adrift forum and stir the waters, which is not such a bad thing.)
A writing prompt is a challenge where someone (in this case Lumin) come up with a few keywords and the rest of us will then create a location with those keywords.
Writing Prompt #2 had the following challenges and keywords
1: Location: Country Road
Containing: turnips, book, dead body

2: Write about: delivering a message

Anyway, back to the review.
David has managed to get all the above mentioned keywords into 6Kb and made it into a game on top of it.
Although it’s “only” 6Kb, he has managed to stuff a lot of fun and laughter into the game, not to mention a few brain teasing puzzles. Not only will Mr. G. Blimey bring a smile to your face, but you’re going to love the cat “Tess” who seems to be living a life of its own. That cat almost turned me from being a dog person.
I actually played the game several times just to make sure that I had gotten all the crazy responses, and there are quite a few.
The game has only one location so you won’t have to bother drawing a map, and there’s only one major puzzle but getting to the solution is going to be a road filled with smile and laughter.

I would suggest playing it using the Adrift 4 runner, as there are a few glitches if you’re using the V.5 runner (Saabie!!! Where art thou?) For instance, the restart option didn’t work (at least on my computer... Could be that my computer is Danish, who knows.
Oh, and by the way… I just earned myself 5 points for writing this review.

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