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Cursor  Allow for proper cloning and importing of multiple locations

Issue Type: Status: Priority: Date Submitted: Votes:
Enhancement New High Sat 27th Mar 2021 2 votes Vote Up Vote Down
Found in version: Last Updated: Completed in version: Date Completed: Track Changes: Sat 27th Mar 2021 Log In
DazaKiwiSat 27th Mar 2021 00:27
Currently even though copying a location gives it a new key. It wont appear on the map until you open the location. Direction links get all messed up.

Each new copy of a location when opened gets placed in a new map page. You have to manually rmb click it and choose move to map page x.

What would be nice is a rework so we can import cloned locations that retain its links (update the links). What might help with this is cloned locations could have a letter or incremented number added to the location name so that the links will update themselves to the cloned version rather than retain the original location.

Also be able to retain map position/layout relative to the original. Since we currently can multiple select locations and move them as one entity, we could reposition them on the main map where other locations are or the parent locations are if just cloning (rather than importing). For example if i have a 8 x 8 city block it would retain its 8 x 8 grid layout.

If possible, allow for cloning of any objects present in the location and have them assigned to the new location clone.

Having this implemented could mean community modules where there could be cities, dungeons, multiple floor locations that could be filled with dynamic and static objects ready to go and imported into a new game. Saving a lot of time.

Add an options in settings to have a new map page created when adding a new cloned location or it be placed on current map window opened.

This topic outlines the current problems as already touched on here.
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