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Wumpus Hunt

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Wumpus Hunt - Can you catch the Wumpus before the bats get you? Play Online
Not yet rated (1 review)  

This is an implementation of the famous Hunt the Wumpus game, originally created by Gregory Yob in 1973 and a precursor to true text adventures such as Colossal Cave or the early Infocom games.

Cursor  Details
Genre: Horror 
Language: Unknown 
IFID: ADRIFT-500-C870-66A0-4DC4-B842-CCFDB94ED975 
Category: Complete adventure 
Forgiveness rating: Merciful 
Total Downloads: 21 
Online Plays: 17 
File Size: 21 Kb 
Version: 1

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
1973 game as an ADRIFT exercise might be a good idea for new authors, Sat 25th Feb 2023
By Denk - See all my reviews

First, welcome to the author here on the Adrift forum. It isn't a bad idea to start out by making a very simple game from 1973 in Adrift. For newbies, it may also be a good idea to modify it so it fits with the way the Standard Library works, i.e. utilize the existing tasks for moving etc. and allows the map to be visible and so on.

As can be expected when new authors make games, there is room for improvement, though it also depends on what the author is trying to achieve.

The author writes that the dodecahedron structure of the cave isn't supported by Adrift. That isn't correct because in the original game from 1973 there is no map and you do not use N, E, S, W etc. to move around. Instead you specify room numbers. The exact map is then something the player could draw but it doesn't really exist in real life, only the topology of the connections.

It is definitely possible to make a game that behaves exactly as the original game in ADRIFT but I acknowledge that it isn't easy to implement "sub-menus" in Adrift so if the player types MOVE the game then asks "to where?". A short cut would be to make a task: MOVE %number% and check if the current room is connected to the typed room number.

Again, the author may not be interested in making an improved version, though I think it would be a good exercise to add some of the original features, such as the ability to hit yourself with your arrows and telling how many rooms an arrow should pass through.

In any case I hope the author feels welcome in the forum as well, where both technical questions can be answered as well as off topic discussions.

NB: If you don't want your game to be reviewed as a "normal" game you could consider changing the category to "demo" instead of "complete game" but if you are not too sensitive, you can just leave it like this ;)

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