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Goldilocks is a FOX!
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Cursor  Denk

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Average Rating:3.00 out of 5  (Based on 6 ratings)

Adventures written by Denk
RatingA Difficult Puzzle
 Grandma's Flying Saucer
 Grandpa's Ranch
RatingGrandpa's Ranch - Play Online Version
RatingLand of the Mountain King
RatingMuseum Heist
 Old inaccurate port of Beginners Cave
 Stone of Wisdom (part 3 of The Bash Saga)
RatingThe Dragon Diamond (part 1 of The Bash Saga)
 The Royal Puzzle
RatingThe Tartarus Project
 The Way Home (part 2 of The Bash Saga)
 Treasure Hunt in the Amazon
 Tribute: Return to the City of Secrets
 WWII Elevator Escape (v2)

Reviews written by Denk
RatingA Party to Murder - Good but mostly forgotten
RatingADRIFT Maze - Hardly a game
AI - In case you want feedback
RatingAlien Diver v15 - Underwater Strategy IF game
RatingBug Hunt On Menelaus - Fairly short but still challenging puzzles
RatingCamelot 1.05 - Cute but bugged
RatingCave of Wonders - Nice puzzles but too cruel
RatingClassic Adventure - Online version with Parchment
RatingDie Feuerfaust - Great game!
RatingFinn's Big Adventure - Light hearted fun
RatingFrustrated Interviewee [Version 2] - Nice puzzles with a few unproblematic bugs - 7/10
RatingGoldilocks is a FOX! - Great fun, nice puzzles
RatingIllumina (Version #3) - Post-comp version significantly improved
Just a Fairy Tale - External reviews
RatingLost Coastlines - Great start but some issues
RatingMagnetic Moon
RatingMagor Investigates... - Short and simple but still fun
RatingMarika the Offering - Brief atmospheric horror with good puzzles
RatingOctober 31st (Post comp.) - A fun monster hunt
RatingP/o Prune's mini comp. - Three short but fun games (not counting the fourth game I made)
Private Eye - Answer to questions:
RatingRegrets - Short but entertaining, could use a bit more testing
RatingReturn To Castle Coris - Episode 8 does not disappoint
RatingRevenge of the Space Pirates - Great conclusion to a great trilogy - more to come?
RatingRoozden's Color Code Module - Excellent idea - works well with both Runner and Frankendrift
RatingRun, Bronwynn, Run!
RatingShadowpeak - Has potential but flawed design
RatingSon of Camelot - Great story and puzzles - several bugs
RatingStarship Quest - The best in a trilogy
RatingThe Axe of Kolt - Great game that started the Alaric Blackmoon series
RatingThe Dwarf of Direwood Forest - A game about the dwarf Grimmel years before "Axe of Kolt"
RatingThe Euripides Enigma - A brand new continuation in the old Mike Erlin series
RatingThe Fortress of Fear - Fortress of Fear
RatingThe Garden Party - A pretty good 1-room puzzler
RatingThe Lost Children - The Lost Children
RatingThe Lost Labyrinth of Lazaitch - Episode 7
RatingThe Odd Competition - A Witch Tale - fun despite competition constraints
RatingThe PK Girl - (Played in Adrift 4 Runner - not completable with Adrift 5 Runner)
RatingThe Spectre of Castle Coris
Ratingthe virtual human - Surprisingly fun though I am not much into arty pieces
RatingTingalan - Not traditional IF
RatingTrick or Treat - Nice comeback
RatingUnauthorized Termination v1.0 ZIP - Nice sci-fi game with a few issues near the end
Wumpus Hunt - 1973 game as an ADRIFT exercise might be a good idea for new authors
RatingXanix - Xixon Resurgence - Great episode in the Alaric Blackmoon series

Bugs/Enhancements raised by Denk
14 open issues out of total of 15 raised.

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