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Cursor  Member Reviews - The Nasty Escape

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  Another disappointing game by a newcomer, Thu 23rd May 2013
By David Whyld - See all my reviews

Right away, I knew I wasn't going to like this game. How did I know? Well, the author told me. Right there in the introductory paragraph, he says he's kinda "n00bish" and not to expect a lot. Ouch. Way to turn people away before they've even started playing your game.

Unfortunately, the game is pretty n00bish. Lots of items that can't be examined, room descriptions that don't change to reflect items being removed (the wooden box and the rakes, in particular, are still listed as being in their initial location even if you take and drop them somewhere else), the text jumping back and forth between referring to the player as "you" and "I" and no indication of what I'm even meant to be doing. Why am I in the basement in the game's first location? Why, once I'm out of the basement, don't I simply leave the grounds and escape?

I didn't play it till the end, but long enough to satisfy myself that there wasn't much of a game here. Definitely not recommended.

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