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Cursor  David Whyld

Forum Profile
Average Rating:3.81 out of 5  (Based on 33 ratings)

Competitions organised by David Whyld
Finish the Game Comp 2005

Adventures written by David Whyld
RatingA Day At The Office
RatingA Day In The Life Of A Super Hero
RatingA Spot Of Bother [version 4]
 A.S.D.F.A. (A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure)
RatingBack To Life... Unfortunately
 Choose Your Own... [version 2]
 Cowboy Blues
 Dead Reckoning
 For Love Of Digby
RatingFull Circle
 Halloween Hijinks
RatingHow Suzy Got Her Powers
RatingIn The Claws Of Clueless Bob
 Jim Pond 1
 Lair of the Vampire
RatingLights, Camera, Action! [version 2]
 Mortality [version 2]
 ONNAFA - Oh No Not Another Fantasy Adventure (version 2)
RatingPaint!!! [version 2]
 Private Eye
 Scene of the Crime
 Scene of the Crime 2: City In Fear
 Second Chance
 Shards Of Memory
 Sophie's Adventure (Version 2)
RatingThe Adventures of Postman Matt (and his black and white cat)
 The Cellar
 The Door to Utopia (version 2)
 The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves
 The Reluctant Resurrectee
 The Reluctant Vampire
RatingThe Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog
 The World According To CBN
RatingTrick or Treat
 Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble?
 YADFA - Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure

Reviews written by David Whyld
RatingA Party to Murder
RatingA Walk At Dusk
RatingADRIFT Maze
RatingAll Hallows Eve
RatingBack Home - A nice creepy little game
RatingBlack Sheep's Gold
RatingCamelot 1.05 - Disappointing
RatingCan I do it?
RatingCrazy Old Bag Lady
RatingDarkness V1.2
RatingECTOCOMP 2010 - Disappointing and annoying
RatingEscape to Freedom v1.1
RatingEscape to New York v1.1
RatingFire in the Blood V1.03
RatingFrustrated Interviewee [Version 2]
RatingHow Did I Get Into This? - Small but certainly not perfectly formed
RatingHow to Conquer the World
RatingIn Memory
RatingLaboratory R.A.T.S.
RatingLara Croft : The Sun Obelisk (IF version)
RatingLocked Out - Bad, bad, bad, bad... did I say this game was bad?
RatingMonsters (Release 2)
RatingMust Escape! [Version 2]
RatingMy School Social Studies Project
Newspaper rack demo
RatingPathway to Destruction v 1.2
RatingPervert Action Crisis
RatingPestilence v1 - A little diseased
RatingS.E.R.E.>>>Survive-Evade-Resist-Escape<<< - Awful
RatingShadrick's Underground Adventures
RatingSon of Camelot
RatingStuck Piggy
RatingTarget v1.01
RatingTenebrae Semper
RatingThe ADRIFT Project : Classified
RatingThe Adventures of Space Boy Volume II - Space Boy - must try harder
RatingThe Angel, the Devil and the Human - Small but not perfectly formed
RatingThe Crooked Estate - Weird, but not wonderful
RatingThe Curse of Dragon Shrine
RatingThe Last Expedition
RatingThe Last Hour
RatingThe Legend of Zelda: Legacy of a Princess
RatingThe Magic Show
RatingThe Makeshift Magician - Not that magical
RatingThe Merry Murders
RatingThe Nasty Escape - Another disappointing game by a newcomer
RatingThe PK Girl - ADRIFT's Finest Moment
RatingThe Plague (Redux)
RatingThe Potter and the Mould - A super games about heroes
RatingThe Sisters - Nice game - not sure about the twist at the end
RatingThe Sky Is Above Me
RatingThe Tartarus Project
RatingThe Twilight - Buggy
RatingThe Woods Are Dark
RatingTic-Tac-Toe - Nice idea... shame about everything else
RatingTicket to No Where v1.2
RatingTo Hell in a Hamper
RatingUnauthorized Termination v1.0 ZIP - Definitely not a rotter
RatingVeteran Knowledge [Version 2]
RatingWax Worx
RatingWhen Beer Isn't Enough v2
RatingWhere are my keys? v1.08

Bugs/Enhancements raised by David Whyld
1 open issues out of total of 2 raised.

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