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Cursor  Member Reviews - Skybreak v 1.2

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
  tried to have sex with the ship, Tue 4th May 2021
By Ford - See all my reviews

First playthrough, never read a word of the game before.

I played an elf, the thiccest and horniest of all the species.

After consulting veteran players, I learned there was no way to have sex with the ship. However there would be some sexy elf description somewhere and so I aimed for that as my win. Scientist/Explorer background because they seemed to have the most sexual energy in their stats. Sexy elf in labcoat while on the ship, sexy elf in adventure gear outside the ship. It's a win-win really.

At this point the game will get a 7/8 at best because no sex with ship.

I put my shit into strength/guns/piloting-esque skills because I'm into strong women. My amazonian elf better get an apt description later on or my rating will go down.

I like the sound of silence reference if that's what praying to neon gods refers to. I passed the time to see if there was any horny things I could do. There was not. An aeronautics lab would actually probably be least likely to explode especially if it had done so before. Clearly intentional terrorist attack.

Passing the time over and over didn't accomplish much so I went around wherever I thought there was a high chance for a brothel. I found none. -1 to rating.

Landed on some religious cuck planet. No chance for sex. No sexy elf description. -1 and moved on.

Came up on some girl named Melissa with a long wet slit, or maybe it was a planet, but she let me explore the surface and her deeper tunnels despite being a bit frigid. I will count this as sex and increase my rating by 1. Very hot. Came twice.

Learned the early planets were named after people who exist irl and came a third time. I can smell the panty musk while playing and it's very immersive. Makes it difficult to play with one hand. +2.

The author leaves much to the imagination, not that I'm complaining. I definitely just had days worth of sex with occult elves without even stopping for a meal. I can feel the grease on my skin as I leave the sexy planet.

So much opportunity when I see [Abundant Humanoid Life-Forms] and yet the choices are always disappointing. Like the author controls my chastity cage and I am at their mercy as to when I get release.

I found another soaking wet broad who let me explore her depths. She was a bad mamma-jamma though and almost killed me with her hot thighs of steel. What a bitch. -1 for not giving me proper BDSM gear and letting me call the planet mommy. I'm glad my ship saved me and that the ship loves me but if I can't even masturbate with some random part of it is it really love?

After skipping many planets without humans on them or no chance for a sexual encounter, I ended up back on the same planets as before. The soaking wet broad from before was still just as welcoming but I knew her depths were scary. Despite this, I had not been laid in several planets and the ship denies my advancements so I took another dive into the hole without looking and ended up trimming her bush a bit before leaving. The rug burn was not worth. -1.

I tried recruiting a girl to come have hot lesbian space sex with me but I don't impress her enough. I may be less sexy than I thought. Back on Melissa I sought the touch of a woman, and she let me cuddle to her surface. I couldn't help but get horny at some parts of this scene, but I kept it in my pants.

After a few more planets and no sex I bought a pastry to make me feel better. It went straight to my ultra-thicc thighs. I did 2000 hip-thrusts and an hour of twerking to work it off. Despite my imagination, the story doesn't give the option to twerk or hip-thrust. -1.

I resorted to rape. I'm not proud of it, but that's what I did. In an attempt to penetrate without consent - she killed me. I feel bad for my ship, but also a bit resentful that the ship never gave me head.

The rating scale here doesn't go up to 8 but I pretended it did and gave this game a 5 or 6 (I'm not counting). Lack of sexual encounter is disappointing. Only came 3 times.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  Full of joy and ambient light...but the Night is close... , Tue 20th Apr 2021
By Lumin - See all my reviews

This is a remarkable game, in a real and literal sense absolutely unparalleled. Fun, vast, and best of all, almost infinitely replayable, at the time of this review there's just nothing else out there like it.

Skybreak! is a refreshingly approachable game for newbie and veteran players alike, easy to pick up with no barrier to jumping right in and playing, and yet dangerously addictive. The gameplay on the surface is simple: Numbered CYOA style choices lead to random encounters, which require use of your character's RPG style stats and skills. You travel from one planet to another, choose one option in each location, resolve an encounter and move on. The character background chosen in the beginning will determine your win conditions and thus certain things about your playstyle, giving a non-intrusive sense of direction as you explore the galaxy sized-sandbox at your leisure.

This game relies on the same old ADRIFT capabilities that have been around forever, just waiting for someone to really make use of them to this degree and on this grand a scale. And when you first start to play, the massive scale of everything will absolutely make an impression on you. The setting, the lore, and then the game content itself, the actual reams of text involved in setting up so many possibilities for the player to encounter. It's a vast game and the writing itself pops and sizzles and makes everything seem even vaster.

Nothing pedestrian or dull ever happens to your character, Skybreak! makes your every action feel like that of an ultimate badass in a galaxy full of larger than life characters, stunningly beautiful vistas, wonderfully strange happenings and dark unknown terrors beyond the veil of time and space. The setting is influenced by many sources, and apparently one the author has been developing since high school when roleplaying with his friends. (There are bits and pieces of it that are referenced in his other games as well, and Tingalan itself exists within this universe...or maybe a bit beyond it...) The fact that this is such a labor of love which had behind it the intent of letting the author play a game and have his family play a game bringing this universe to life is undoubtedly what drove it to such heights.

Skybreak! is easy to play on mobile, even with the very limited capabilities of the online runner. Although I recommend downloading it simply for ease of saving and for the lovely fonts. (See the forum if you're having trouble with Windows Defender.)

Skybreak! is genuinely an experience of pure joy.

Skybreak! is really quite fun to say, with the exclamation mark and all.

Needless to say, I am eagerly looking forward to the release of Lost Coastlines.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  Very fun and immersive, Sat 10th Apr 2021
By - See all my reviews

My first impression of Skybreak! was just how /huge/ it is. Not just in the world's size, but what you can do in it and who you can be. The character creation is in-depth and gives a nice selection of species, backgrounds, and talents, so no one character has to have the exact build. You can then name your ship that loves you (and hopefully you love back) and off you go on an immersive, sprawling adventure.

With the different species and groups across the world of Skybreak!, there's bound to be a lot of lore, but it's delivered in snippets as you explore different locations and come across various encounters. These stories and encounters add to your experiences to tell, which is almost a sort of currency in this game, something to exchange and pass along in addition to the physical materials you come across.

Skybreak! is a game that definitely deserves more than one playthrough with different characters (or even just the same one but stumbling across different encounters). If you're ever looking to spend some time exploring an expansive universe with countless things to do at each stop, this is a game to try out.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  Expansive. Addicting. Sandbox and lore keeps you coming back for more!, Tue 15th Dec 2020
By antscoff - See all my reviews

I started the game, picked a species and talents, and inherited a spaceship that loved me. At first blush, the gameplay seemed a little choppy because I didn't know what to expect. I went through a cycle of landing on planets, making a choice, and leaving. But after the first ten minutes it started to make sense. Lots of sense.

**A Fantastic Sandbox**
Skybreak! worlds are hand-crafted. Travel seems random, but it's regionalized. The lore is deep, but delivered in pieces delivered across multiple playthroughs and locations. Every species has its own special encounters and background descriptions. Every talent gives you a different way to win, so you end up with many alluring playthroughs. Planets and encounters are all hand-crafted.

**Trade System**
There are two economies in the game. One is with goods, like mined ores. You can buy and sell these in various places, which you might end up exchanging later. The second is with experiences, like tales of adventure. Collecting these tales actually involves hearing them, much like opening a book in the game gives you an actual short story -- it's more fun than I can put into words. There's a third element, Adventure Points, which are awarded and stripped in special circumstances, and important to your character's longevity.

**Ship Combat**
Ship combat is an uncommon encounter, and was a little more confusing to me. You have a heading in the top left corner when in ship combat, which is relative to the direction the enemy faces, such that 0 degrees means both of you would crash head-on if you flew at each other. After knowing that, it became a lot more reasonable. I still considered it interesting to encounter, if challenging to handle.

**Just Plain Addicting**
I want to stress again how awesome this game is; really give it a whirl. The fact that every encounter is drawn from a list of approx. 4-8 things balloons the replay value when you consider the scope of the game. There are so many sub-goals in this game that crop up as you play. There are so many ways to play and the writing is just fantastic through and through.

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