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Cursor  Member Reviews - The Angel, the Devil and the Human

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  Small but not perfectly formed, Fri 19th Aug 2011
By David Whyld - See all my reviews

Okay, I generally avoid 4 Kb games because a) they're 4 Kb and that’s way too small for a proper game, b) they're 4 Kb and that’s way too small for a proper game. But owing to the death/dearth of new ADRIFT games lately, and the fact that someone writing a game ought to be encouraged, I decided to give it a go.

The game is a take on the fox/chicken/corn puzzle which I'm sure I heard about at school but couldn’t really recall till I read the intro. Here you have to apply the same kind of theory to a devil, an angel and a human: namely, getting them from Hell to Heaven without anything untoward happening to any of them along the way.

The game warns me at the start that if I leave the devil and the human together, the human will sell his soul to the devil. It also advises me that if I leave the devil and the angel together, the angel will smite the devil. I tried both of these things* and nothing bad seemed to happen. The human didn’t sell his soul to the devil (or if he did, he did so very quietly and didn’t let on) and the angel didn’t smite the devil (at least, not that I noticed) and the game progressed merrily on its way and concluded satisfactorily. As it’s a small game, I played it through four times trying different combinations of who to take first and who to leave behind, and the game concluded with the happy ending each time. Is it possible to fail? Even when I was deliberately trying to make it fail, I still succeeded.

* Present me with a big red button and a sign saying “DON’T PUSH THIS BUTTON OR TERRIBLE THINGS WILL BEFALL YOU” and I’ll be tapping on the button before I've even finished reading the sign. I'm like that.

A few technical points: TAKE works but the more common GET doesn’t. I can’t DROP any of the characters once I've TAKEn them, but I can LEAVE them behind. They're also not listed in my inventory despite the fact that I'm effectively carrying them around. The angel, devil and human have each one conversation topic that they repeat endlessly, irrespective of what you actually asked them about. Examine is underused: you can examine the angel, devil and human, but everything else just returns the same default message that there isn't much to look at in this game. Sure, the game is about the puzzle of getting all three characters to Heaven without anything bad happening, but it wouldn’t hurt to include a few descriptions of other things as well.

But I didn’t mind the game overall. It was one of the few (and it really is a few) small games I've played that was actually worth the download and that didn’t get immediately deleted off my hard drive five minutes later with a muttered “next time, write a proper game” comment. I don’t know if it’s possible to lose the game (a bug?) or whether I was just incredibly lucky in always managing to find a winning ending, but a quick glance in the Generator (always nice when people don’t password protect their games) doesn’t immediately show me a losing ending so I’m assuming the bug, if it is a bug and not just the writer going easy on the player, is intentional.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Little Game, Little to Offer, Thu 18th Aug 2011
By - See all my reviews

It's the chicken/corn/fox puzzle with a different theme. If you already know the answer, there is nothing for you here. If you don't, you might have fun solving the puzzle, but there's nothing especially deep going on here. Implementation is the barest minimum. The game explores no themes and has no conflict beyond its one, simple puzzle.

It's not *bad* per se, the author even says that he wrote it in the course of a couple days, but the result is a small, hollow thing. For its solution, the game offers a fanfare on the level of a kazoo toot. Meh.

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