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Cursor  Bugs & Enhancements

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Summary Priority Status Votes
Displaying Properties Fails If Object Key Begins Numerically Medium Open 4
Only Display Once in Alternate Text in Text Properties Issue High Open 2
Verb Only Commands Do Not Work With Two Word Commands High Open 1
Verb Only Commands Message Medium Open 1
Verb Only Commands Only Use 1st Line Of Task Command High Open 1
Restrictions resolution to a numeric value error. Medium Open 4
Allow an event to run ONLY after any successful task completion High Open 1
Show Individual Array Elements in Debugger Low Open 2
General Tasks with Multi Object Issue High Open 1
You can't see any ... funniness, High Open 2
Click on text in runner - minor issues Medium Open 1
Add option to disable click on text in runner High Open 2
Move darkness checks to scope checking. High Open 1
Actions in Implicit Introductions Fail to Run Critical Open 1
Make Developer a Browser Application High Open 1
Properties not shown in Properties Low Open 1
Character Walks Ignore Direction Restrictions High Open 3
Plural sounding objects cannot be seen. Critical Open 3
Can't add anchors to in/out up/down directions High Open 2
Remove Article from Object Lists Medium Open 2
Disable Save / Restore High Open 2
Unselect a Text Property Medium Open 1
Implement Hints High Open 4
Allow Properties to Have Multiple Dependencies Medium Open 2
New Restriction - Obj Must Have Been Held/Worn by Character High Open 1

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