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Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble? (115 Kb)  Download
By , released Fri 10th May 2002

"Every year, you are paid a visit (whether you want it or not) by the black sheep of the family - Uncle Grumble. Only this year he's late.##Is he dead? Has he been kidnapped? Did he take a wrong turning and end up in a completely different adventure somew... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Edge of the Abyss (7 Kb)  Download
By , released Sat 18th May 2002

"It just seemed a shame that the only literature for TAG was Campbell’s own game.# # So journey to Abyssville, where time and space are out of synch, and look for a miracle.##NOTE: Runs on TAG (see elsewhere on this page) NOT Adrift!# "
Mirrors: UK

The Lost Mines (36 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 3rd Jun 2002

"In the 1920's, an ancient mine is discovered close to your hometown. Deciding that the gold hidden somewhere inside could be yours, you set off on a journey to become the richest man in town."
Mirrors: UK

Melbourne Beach (392 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 18th Apr 2001

"This is my first game, which was essentially a tour of my house. It seemed easier to write something that was familiar, thus my home. In this game you wake up in the guest room. You will meet me and the other residents of my house. You can go swimming in... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Storm Tossed (31 Kb)  Download
By , released Mon 15th Jul 2002

"An adventure inspired by ""The Tempest"" by William Shakespeare. You are a young Neapolian prince in the 1600s, on board ship for the sunny Carribean. Unfortunately, a bit of a storm has whipped up..."
Mirrors: UK

Town of Azra (43 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 18th Apr 2001

"The Town of Azra is placed in a primitive, Ancient Roman setting. To prosper in this town, you need to know the basic skills of hunting, then you can build more skills and gain more money. This game is still under development and bugs/errors will be fo... [more]
Mirrors: UK

The Screen Savers on Planet X (79 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 24th Jul 2002

"You're going to be a guest on the Screen Savers! Not only that, you're going to be part of the historic first Screen Savers episode to be broadcast galaxy-wide. You're being flown by luxury space cruiser to Planet X where the episode will be broadcast ... [more]
Mirrors: UK

Far From Home (v1.2) (15 Kb)  Download
By , released Thu 25th Jul 2002

Far From Home v1.2. The story of a man spirited away to a distant land by an odd object in his fridge. Updated to V4!
Mirrors: UK

Alias: Undercover Agent (9 Kb)  Download
By , released Sat 3rd Aug 2002

The CIA's double agent Sydney Bristow and her handler have both gone missing. You are an undercover agent working to find Sydney. Based on hit TV show Alias. Verson 4.0.
Mirrors: UK

The Lost Tomb (55 Kb)  Download
By , released Wed 14th Aug 2002

The lost tomb of Erick has been discoverd! But can you plunder it of its wealth and get back out alive?
Mirrors: UK

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