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Cursor  Bugs & Enhancements

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Summary Priority Status Votes
New text functions: Cycle/Loop, Once, and Unique Random OneOf High New 1
Set Property of Type Location to Referenced Location High New 2
Filtering Lists by Text Property value Medium More Info Required 2
"You moves south" Bug Medium Open 3
"I'm not sure who you are referring to" bug Medium Open 4
Extend the Dot Operator to function after List(And,Or,Rows) High More Info Required 3
Bug Tracker: List Show Mine and Show All search results High Open 1
Bug Tracker: Add an indicator showing whether one has searched Show Mine or Show All High Open 2
Task Action: Set property to one member of a group (for characters, locations, and objects) High Open 1
Re-hide locations via a task Medium Open 2
Go To command Medium Open 5
getKey() or Key() function Medium Open 3
Alternate Descriptions in Groups don't work properly High Open 4
Sending a variable as a parameter for a conversation task should resolve to its text value Medium Open 1
Attempting to take something held (or word) by another character gives strange responses. High Open 2
Object.ReadText and Object.Description don't seem to replace variable array references. Medium Open 1
New Property Restriction Medium Open 3
Library Supplement: Giving commands to NPCs in conversations Medium Open 4
Allow Developer to use variables in the FOR Loops Medium Open 5
Runner is throwing unnecessary Index errors? High Open 2
Character comes across [ Something/Someone/Somewhere] Medium Open 2
Media Management tools Medium Open 2
Add "Follow/Find Object" as a step in an NPC walk Low Open 1
Add locations as an Activity trigger for NPC Walks Low Open 1
Set Property ’Referenced Object 1’ Part of what to ’Referenced Object 2’ Medium Open 1

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